Studs - "The Boys"

The current studs for our cattery are CH Thelonius Monk, a champagne mink, CH Rembrandt, a natural solid, and our first “home-grown” stud,  CH Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, a blue mink.  

Having whole male cats is always a challenge, but Pawdancer males have the run of part of the house during the day. Yes, they mark their territory, but since we know WHERE they mark, these places are disinfected daily, and sometimes twice a day. Having such loving animals live their entire life in a cage, no matter how big, is not in our cattery philosophy.

When the queens are in season, they spend the day in the spacious master bedroom and bath areas while the boys spend the day in the main part of the house and finished basement.  At night, the boys are in the finished basement where there are toys, shelves and lots of running and climbing space.  The girls have the run of the main part of the house at night, but usually end up asleep on the bed with their parents.

When it is time to breed a stud to a queen, both cats are placed in a large stud pen for 4 days where, hopefully, they will consummate their relationship.

It is important to once again note, that our cats are part of our family, and caging is for safety, warmth and housing of kittens, not our adult cats.

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