At present, Pawdancer Cattery is home to five queens, CH Jazzlynn (champagne solid), and CH Solace “Lacey”, (champagne point).  Each came to our cattery bringing strong, healthy championship Tonkinese lines to help our cattery create its own unique definition of the Tonkinese.

CH Gypsy Rose Lee, (natural mink) and Misty Copeland (champagne mink) are our first “home-grown” queens. To ensure the health of our gene pool, we added Fur Elise, a natural solid, to our breeding program.  Misty and Fur Elise were born mid-summer 2016, and will be bred mid- to late summer 2017, and Gypsy's first litter should be born in early January 2017.  Jazzlynn will be retiring as a queen in the early summer of 2017 to live out her life in total luxury as an "auntie".

Queens are loose in the house, and very much part of daily family life.  They are loving clowns who love to get into trouble:  they have been witnessed working together to drag everything out from under the kitchen sink, and standing on each other in order to reach a door knob opening to a non-cat part of the house, the living room!

Once a queen has been bred, she remains part of the household until 2-3 days prior to delivery.  At that time, she will be sequestered in the nursery, a comfortable cage in the master bedroom where she is still among family but isolated so she can have privacy to await delivery.

Normal gestation for Tonkinese is 62-65 days, however, our Tonks usually deliver on day 67-68.  We play midwife, helping the queen deliver safely and registering/weighing each kitten as it is born.

Following birth, the queen will remain in the cage in the bedroom until the kittens are weaned, somewhere near 6 weeks of age.  During the nursery time period, the kittens are handled daily, massaged to stimulate growth and to begin the all important socialization process.  At approximately 1 month of age, the kittens are introduced to the household fur family for small time periods each day, with the queen and both of us in attendance.  Once the kittens are completely weaned, they will remain in the cage until at least 3 months of age for both safety and warmth. (It should be noted that kittens can not regulate their body temperature until 3 months of age) At 3 months, depending on size, they will be allowed the freedom of the house during the day, but caged at night.

Since most of our fur family sleeps on the bed with us, we are careful to make sure small kittens don't get caught in blankets or rolled on!

Queens - "The Girls"
CH Solace "Lacey" - Champagne Point

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