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At Pawdancer, we carefully control not only the frequency of breeding, but the quality of breeding as well, in order to provide our buyers with the best and healthiest kittens possible.

This is not a “kitty mill”, and buyers are urged to get on our waiting list and exercise patience to obtain one of these beautiful babies.

Our Philosophy General Kitten Information:

All kittens are available for their forever homes at the age of 4 months.  Kittens come with:

Contact us about these litters, and/or to get on our interest list

Bring some “kitty love” into your home!

Jazzlynn’s December 2014 litter, now off to their forever homes, bringing love to their families.

Ready for a new baby in your family? Contact us today or get on our interest list for future litters.

(636) 931-5432 - Res
(314) 223-3250 - Cell

A Reminder!

Our breeding plan is slow, careful, and methodical, to maintain the health and longevity of our queens, and to allow us the time necessary to assure healthy, well adjusted, well socialized, confident kittens. THIS IS NOT A KITTY MILL, and it is important to:

Newest Arrivals & Expected Future AvailabilitiesNew Owner Shopping List.pdf


Ch Gypsy Rose Lee (Natural Mink)
GC Mr Darcy (Blue Mink)

Winter 2021


Gelsey (Platinum Mink)
GC Mr Darcy (Blue Mink)

Summer 2021 Due March 9th 2021 Our 2021 Breeding Schedule (with cooperation from Mother Nature) Produces a rainbow of colors CH Gypsy Rose Lee.jpg


Rhapsody in Bleu (Blue Point)
GC Mr Darcy (Blue Mink)

Late Spring 2021 Produces only blues, minks, points, solids, and possible "wild card" colors Produces primarily platinums and blues - minks, points, and solids


Mandolynn (Champagne Solid)
GC Mr Darcy (Blue Mink)

Late Fall 2021 Produces a "rainbow" of our colors