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Please check the Available Kittens page for kittens.  We will place birth announcements and future litters at this location.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested, and we can add you to our waiting list.  We would love to speak with you in order to help you make an educated decision about whether a Tonkinese kitten is the best choice for you and your family.

General Information Adoptions

Because we have 2-3 litters per year, please contact us for availability.

One Tonk...Or Two?

The Tonkinese cat falls into a feline category known as “pride cats.”  In other words, they are born, raised and live in groups.  A household with only one lonely Tonk is a household with an unhappy Tonk.  Tonks love to cuddle with their pet parents and when they aren’t around, a long nap with another cat is just the ticket.  Tonks usually sleep in wads known as “Tonk Piles.”

If price keeps a pet parent from adopting two Tonkinese, please consider adopting a domestic shorthair from a local shelter as a kitty companion.  If both are kittens, they will take to each other quickly.  Make sure, however, a SHORTHAIR is adopted over a long hair.  Long haired cats are usually NOT pride cats as their long hair keeps them warm enough that cuddling and sleeping together is uncomfortable.

Tonkinese kittens from Pawdancer Cattery will be registered with CFA and will be micro-chipped.

Kittens are adopted ONLY with a spay/neuter agreement.  Males should be neutered by 6-7 months and females spayed by 10 months.  We will not provide kitten/cat CFA registration papers without proof of spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian.  Once we have this proof in hand, we will provide you paperwork and information to re-register your Tonkinese in your name.  The registration fee is $15 and is subject to change.


A NON-REFUNDABLE reservation fee of $200 will hold a kitten until it is ready for re-homing at not less than 12 weeks of age.  This reservation fee will be applied to the adoption fee.  

An adoption agreement will be emailed for your signature once you have been approved for adoption.  Please review the agreement carefully.  Please sign and return the agreement by US mail along with the reservation fee.  The balance will be due at the time of final adoption.


Prices are dependent on color:  the most rare color, Natural Mink and Natural Solid, are usually the most sought-after colors, and this price will be higher than other available colors and coat patterns.  All prices will include the cost of micro-chipping and health certificate.

Shipping Health Guarantee

Pawdancer Cattery does NOT ship

The health of our kittens is of utmost importance.  All kittens placed by Pawdancer will have a state and vet certified health certificate and will be micro-chipped by a licensed vet.  Kitten vaccinations and worming will be up-to-date and notated on the certificate.  Kittens also come with a written one-year health guarantee:  if anything should happen to a kitten’s health after leaving our care needs to be addressed immediately by the adoptive pet parent.  If the health issue is found to be genetic or the fault of the breeder and this issue is notated by a licensed vet, a full refund will be given within one year of adoption.

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