Most people get confused by the Tonkinese coat colors when they first see a Tonkinese cat.Tonkinese come in 4 base coat colors (blue, champagne, natural, and platinum) with 3 coat patterns (point, mink, solid) for a total of 12 individual color combinations. By base colors, we mean the color of the points (extremities: face, ears, tail, and legs), not the body color. By coat pattern, we mean the contrast between the color of the points and the body color. For more detailed color information, please refer to the Tonkinese Breed Association website pages on color.

Tonkinese Colors

Blue: Face is
slate blue

Champagne: Face is
medium brown

Natural: Face is
dark brown

Platinum: Face is
frosty gray

Coat Patterns

Point Body color: should be off-white, any shading relative to the point color; overall body color should be in marked contrast to the points.

Mink Body color: should be a rich, even, unmarked color, shading almost imperceptibly to a slightly lighter hue on the underparts.

Points: distinctly darker than the body color.

Solid Body color: may be a slightly lighter shade of the point color, with very little contrast with points. There will be more contrast between points and body color for the Champagne and Platinum than for the Natural and Blue.

Eye color: Blue

Eye color: Aqua

Eye color: Green to Yellow-Green


Points: slate blue.

Nose leather: blue-gray

Paw pads: blue-gray (may have a rosy undertone).

Body: off-white with warm gray shading.

Blue Point

Blue Mink

Blue Solid

Body: soft, blue-gray with warm overtones

Body: slate blue with warm overtones.


Points: medium brown

Nose leather: cinnamon brown

Paw pads:  cinnamon-pink to cinnamon-brown

Body: ivory with buff-tan shading

Champagne Point

Champagne Mink

Champagne Solid

Body: buff-cream to beige. Reddish highlights acceptable.

Body: golden tan to light coffee brown.


Points: dark brown

Nose leather: dark brown

Paw pads:  medium to dark brown (may have a rosy undertone).

Body: fawn to cream

Natural Point

Natural Mink

Natural Solid

Body: medium brown. Ruddy highlights acceptable.

Body: sable brown


Points: frosty gray

Nose leather: lavender-pink to lavender-gray

Paw pads:  lavender- pink

Body: pearly white.

Platinum Point

Platinum Mink

Platinum Solid

Body: pale, silvery gray with warm overtones. Not white or cream

Body: dove gray

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