Known as “wash and wear” cats, Tonks are usually low maintenance. Requirements include a well-balanced diet of both wet and dry foods, weekly nail trimming, a grooming brush and lots of toys to keep them “out of trouble”. Regular medical care is highly recommended:  yearly vet visits are important as is dental care.

Cat Care Information

Like most cats, Tonks don’t like water, but WILL tolerate bathing if introduced early in the socialization process.  Pawdancer kittens will be bathed several times prior to adoption, so bathing should not be an issue.  

The bathing process is relatively simple:  fill the kitchen sink with warm water and add ¼ cup Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  Place a towel in the oven set at 175 degrees.  Gather several pitchers or large bowls with warm water and set to the side.  Place the cat in the sink slowly and talk soothingly.  Cup the soapy water with your hands over the cat, keeping it out of the cat’s face.  When thoroughly soaped, transfer the cat to the other side of the sink, and slowly poor the pitchers of water over the cat until thoroughly rinsed .  Wrap the cat in the warm towel and cuddle for a few minutes to soak up the excess water before letting it go.


Fresh water should be available at all times.  Tonks seem to drink more in the summer when it’s warm than the winter.


As kittens, their mommy will take care of litter box training, and our cattery uses a wooden pellet litter.  Kittens run the risk of ingesting clumping litter which leads to painful blockage and death.  Once they are out of the nursery, kittens will have access to clumping litter in the communal litter robots  (yes, we have ROBOTS!!!)  We use Arm and Hammer Multi-Cat or Arm and Hammer Double-Duty clumping litters.

Nail Clipping

CFA and TBA are united in the philosophy of NOT de-clawing your cat. Instead, make sure there are adequate places for the cat to scratch … a tree, a hanging rope scratcher, etc. Nails should be clipped once a week or every 10 days.  Care should be taken with the rear claws as to not cut too closely … there is a capillary vein often very close to the end of the nail.

Recommended Diet

Keeping in mind that cats are CARNIVORES, very little grain is needed in their diet. Although the foods we recommended are high-end and expensive, we have few food-related health issues, no hairballs, and no kidney, liver and digestive issues.  A Pawdancer kitten is raised first on Royal Canin Baby Cat, Gerber’s baby food (chicken and turkey) and graduates to Royal Canin Kitten and Wellness Signature Selects.  Kittens are also raised on bottled water to insure their health.

Wet Food:   Wellness Signature Selects (chicken, chicken and beef)

Dry Food:  Royal Canin Special 33  (if your kitten is between 4 and 10 monts, Royal Canin Kitten)

Treats:  Fancy Feast appetizers or FREEZE-DRIED chicken

All are available through Petsmart, and are cheaper if ordered through Petsmart online.

Debunking “the fish myth” … fish gives pedigreed cats diarrhea!  For the best rule of thumb, like the Catholics, “fish on Fridays” only ….use salmon or whitefish.

GC Lady Bronwyn

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