Pawdancer Cattery does not breed kittens for pets.  We breed cats as a hobby, and because we love the Tonkinese breed, this is NOT a business. Our reason for breeding is for show prospects, and further breeding of our line.  As such, most of our adoptable cats are show quality available as spay or neuter pets.  From time to time, we may have a retired show cat that can be adopted.

We take pride in our hobby, and take the health and well-being of our cats and kittens seriously.  Each one of our Tonks is brought into the world with a lot of love and care, and we try to ensure this care continues throughout their lives.  We carefully screen potential pet parents to make sure our fur children will continue to have a warm, loving, responsible and permanent safe home.  

We try to produce the best of our breed through healthy practices and working with sociable cats which conform to the written standard for our breed.  With this in mind, we breed for quality and temperament as well as type.

Quality refers to careful planning and research for each kitten bred:  the sire and dam must have individual and familial histories of good health.

Temperament is the trait prospective pet parents look for first:  kittens should sociable, companionable, and loving.  This trait is molded from birth through to adoption, with responsibilities falling first on the mommy and next on us as we provide quality human interaction.

How a cat conforms to the written standard is the type:  many breeds have two or three important characteristics that are “must haves” in the show ring, and our job is to try to get these characteristics in one cat!

Our Breeding Philosophy Kirk & Candilee Jackson

We are both retired educators with over 75 years of teaching experience in the performing arts between us.  We have been affiliated with the Cat Fanciers’ Association since 2001, and are active on the regional and national levels, using our talents for writing/editing and performing. Pawdancer is a registered CFA cattery, and we are members of the Tonkinese Breed Association and Tonkinese Breed Council.


Candilee is currently the chair of CFA’s Ambassador Program, and Assistant Editor of CAT TALK, CFA’s international magazine where she is contributing writer and copy editor.  She is also the Region 6 Editor for the Tonkinese Breed Association’s Aqua Eye quarterly.

Kirk is renown for his passion for entertaining at awards banquets and shows, and frequently emcees both regional and annual meetings.  Additionally, he is currently writing folk and Christian music, and arranging for the renown folk group, The New Christy Minstrels.  He is only on the show circuit during the summer as he directs a large church choir at Grace Presbyterian Church, in Missouri.

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Special THANK YOUs!

Many wonderful people have assisted us in becoming a part of the Tonkinese world.  We are eternally grateful for the guidance and wisdom of our original mentor, Beth Cassely of Purrtek Cattery.  We were deeply saddened at her much too early passing. Karen Willis, Kiwendo Cattery, has taken on the job of mentoring us as we continue to learn and grow, and she has provided us with incredible kitties to help our growth. We offer gracious thanks to Diane and Harold Bourgeois, QT-Tonks Cattery, for two gorgeous queens, Midori and Jazzlynn, to help us get our cattery going. Many thanks also goes to Peggy and Darrel Scheutz for entrusting us with a charming champagne mink male, Theloniuis Monk, whose greatest talent is using the potty (we wish he’d learn to flush!). Another thanks go to Lynn Jordan (Takrai Cattery) and Sue Robbins (Opurra Cattery) for entrusting us with Rembrandt, a handsome natural solid, as a sire. All three of the catteries allowed us to become who were are, and Pawdancer kittens are in the show hall for the very first time in 2016!

There aren’t enough way to say thank you Kathy Becker, Lovintonks Cattery, Jeanne Nangle, MacGlenn Cattery, Mary-Margaret Richardson, Lane’s End Cattery, and Cindy and Bruce Bradshaw, Silverpaws Cattery, for their combined hand-holding and advice during crises! Another thank you goes to Preston Smith and Richard Katris (Chanan Photographer), whose photographic artistry is amazing and has given us two magazine covers.  And lastly, thank you Lon LeBlanc for creating this beautiful website so that we may show off our cattery to its best advantage.


Without these wonderful people, Pawdancer would still be just a name in TS Eliot’s Olde Possum’s Book of Practical Cats.  God bless you all for your trust in us!

CH Jazzlynn

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